chaga plant

Low Impact Operations

At Mega Chaga we look to nature for inspiration on how to organize the collection of natural resources. For example we use a beehive approach, because chaga is rare and collected over an area roughly the size of Europe we need to collect multiple forestry products to make if economical. Harvesters act like worker bees trained in ways that best promote more growth of the resources we collect. A fleet of trucks specialized in transporting a wide range of raw materials across Canada makes it possible to visit several sites at one time. Our refinement facility is like the hive of the operations everything is refined in one place and nothing is wasted.

Mega Chaga has over 1,200 trained professionals collecting a wide range of non-timber forestry products (NTFP), like chaga. We've been collecting NTFP from the forest of Canada for over 12 years. It's our passion and our way of promoting the message; healthy forests equals healthy people